So Much For Striving…


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I just haven’t been in the mood to post anything on here, since my life has been pretty uneventful. I only feel like writing when I have something good to say. At least I can say that I have a job, a house to live in, and someone positive in my life who lives close to me. No, I don’t have my dream job or live in the dream location, but I’m surrounded by people and a special someone who cares. For the first time in a while I feel like my life is going somewhere special. My best friend Lancaster is still in Missouri with the psycho she has for a boyfriend, so I always worry about her well being. Right now for me, V is here. He’s an old childhood friend that used to live next door to me and we even dated as kids. I liked him back then, but we drifted apart. Now, he’s back and I’m glad V is in my life. Hanging out with him and other friends close to me makes me miss my friends from college, especially Mr. J. I just wish life wasn’t so hard and distance wasn’t always there. Well, I thought I would write something before I had to go back to the grind once more. I miss being on here. I’m still writing and hoping I’ll get to do it for a living one day. Until then…

May the Force Be with You All.


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