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I blame college for why I’m not able to watch the majority of the Stars hockey games, but Dallas is still going strong.  They’ve only lost 1 game since the start of the 2011-2012 season! :D

Here are the Scores (thus far):

  • Dallas 2-Blackhawks 1 (WIN)
  • Blackhawks 5-Dallas 2 (LOSS)
  • Dallas 2-Coyotes 1 (WIN)
  • Dallas 3-St. Louis 2 (WIN)
  • Dallas 4-Blue Jackets 2 (WIN)
  • Dallas 3-Blue Jackets 2 (WIN)

Friday, the Stars will play Anaheim Ducks at 9p.m. and then Dallas will face L.A Kings on Saturday at 9:30p.m.  These games conclude this weeks Dallas Stars match-ups.

For the rest of October, here are the following games:

  • 10/25- Stars VS Coyotes @ 9p.m.
  • 10/27- Stars VS L.A Kings @ 7:30p.m
  • 10/29- Stars VS NJ Devils @ 7p.m

Well so far, Stars are 5-1! Let’s keep up the wins shall we?

P.S: For those of you who don’t know, I’m also a big Vancouver Canucks fan (hence the article about Kessler) & I love the Winnipeg Jets, Montreal Canadians, San Jose Sharks, Chicago Blackhawks, & I only like the Pittsburgh Penguins because of James Neal.  I hate the Detroit Redwings, Philadelphia Flyers, and the St. Louis Blues.

Please visit the Bleacher Report for up to date information on all things hockey, or sports in general & visit the Dallas Stars Official Web Site along with NHL.com!