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News Show Booming On University Campus

“Ozarks Weekly” is a magazine style show, which keeps students and the Clarksville community updated on events on and off University of the Ozarks campus.
This show is not only a show based at a university, but is anchored, reported, filmed, edited and produced by all University of the Ozarks students along with Susan Edens, Director of Broadcasting, helping as well.
When fall semester started, an e-mail was sent out seeking volunteers to take on, help and assist with the production of “Ozarks Weekly”.  Since August, a crew of non-majors and majors in RTV, Radio/Television/Video, have come together with a deep interest in news broadcasting and have successfully put on this weekly news show.
There are basic segments to “Ozarks Weekly”: weekly stories, sports, weather, and “none of the above.”  The stories vary week to week, while the sports and weather segments have the same outline, but provide different information each week.  “None of the Above” is a segment that can focus on anything out of the ordinary as long as it’s related to the university or surrounding community.
Not only is “Ozarks Weekly” different from the past news shows due to its magazine format, but it is not as long as other shows in the past. Kourtney Risher, the sports anchor on “Ozarks Weekly”, comments about the past news shows in saying, “The older show was 15 minutes longer and the crew was only RTV majors.  Now we have opened up the show to non-majors as well. Instead of the show being produced by Susan Edens, it’s produced by a student, Malisa Mat Sani.”
If people want to watch the current or recent episodes of “Ozarks Weekly”, they can subscribe to theUniversityofOzarks Channel on Youtube or check out theUniversity of the Ozarks’ RTV Program Facebook page.
Every Thursday night at 8:30, KUOZ Channel 6 Presents: “Ozarks Weekly.”
This magazine style show is brought to the public by university students to provide the Ozarks campus and the Clarksville community information on current events.