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As many of you may peruse Verba Mea Vita, but do you ever check out what’s all on the left hand side of the blog?  It’s all right.  I know the blog has been a bit bare, but everyone knows how college is: busy.  Also, I’ve been helping out with Sara Hart, a high-end photographer in New York.  I’ve been mostly blogging for her through her Tumblr: http://ihartphotography.tumblr.com/ I suggest anyone interested in art, photography, yoga, or supporting NY artists should follow this blog.  It’s updated by yours truly. :)Well along with constantly updating the iHARTphotography blog mentioned, I support a handful of blogs that are written by people I know and one blog in particular I just fine hilarious.

My Dad’s blog is the Beech Creek Project . I consider it his adventure blog and he talks about his hikes and maintenance on the Beech Creek Trail in the  Ouachita Mountains.  If you love tid bits of information concerning hiking & nature, while getting to see some awesome nature photos, this is a must follow.

  • p.s. Me & my Dad accidentally got the same blog lay out. :) great minds think alike.

Mego’s Blog is a blog written mostly about pop culture by Megan McLachlan.  When I was a Contributing Author working through College Prowler, she was my editor that made sure I got all my editorials done.  It’s an interesting blog and you get a variety of everything.

My friend Colin Johnson, who recently graduated from the college I attend, University of the Ozarks, is responsible for creating mystichorse48 .  It’s a blog he uses through deviantART and is an informative journal on different subjects that go on in his life.

Sincerly, Lamberta is written by a special friend of mine.  Ironically the author’s name is Lamberta.  She is related to the author of Verba Mea Vita, but they don’t talk a lot.  This blog is quite random & includes more pictures, but always inserts the opinions from the eyes of a realist.

The Manustuprare School of Art is composed of two unknown authors: Scranton & Altus.  Scranton is an art connoisseur, while Altus is more wordy than normal.  I’m friends with the authors on a personal level.  Their blog involves poetry, art, and some opinions mixed in every now and then.  It’s a sarcastically good read.

The Oatmeal is the one blog I support that is completely hilarious.  The humor on this site is just insane, but entertaining.  I can’t really explain the concept of the site, but it’s interesting all right. LOL.

NOW THAT YOU KNOW WHAT’S ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF MY BLOG, maybe you’ll take a look see.