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I know Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, so for all the current, past, and “to be” mothers: Yay! & you deserve to be loved.  Especially my mom.  Living with her over the years has been a journey in itself, but I’m glad she decided to bring me into this world nonetheless.

On Sunday, I went hiking with my Dad at the Skull Crusher, or  Cossatot River.  The view was amazing, the scenery was gorgeous, and the hike was worth it.  If you would like more information about the place I went to, my Dad, author of the Beech Creek Project, can tell you all about it.  There are beautiful pictures he took capturing the beauty of the trail, the interesting wildlife, and tid bits of nature mixed in too.  This blog will give you everything anyone would need to know about the great outdoors around the Ouachita Mountains.

For the record, yes I haven’t hiked in quite some time.  It took a lot of determination, strength, and stubbornness to get me up the trail and back.  I hate that this past year my lower back has hurt more than normal, so that was hard to deal with.  Also, for some strange reason, my right calf muscle started tensing up to the point where I thought I might have had a major cramp.  Thanks to breaks, lots of water, and my Dad being patient with inexperienced me, I achieved a 4 mile trek.  I’m proud to have a father who is so motivated and loves life and nature so much.  Also, his motivation helped me overlook my lower back pain and my tense calf muscle in order to enjoy the beauty that I was walking into.  The trail at Cossatot River is totally worth the continuous uphill hiking. Since my Dad always brings his dog Paco, he helps to keep us entertained as well.  This was one great journey.

For people who are not really into the outdoors, you’re definitely missing out.  But no worries, not everyone has to like being out in nature with the creepy critters and breathing in the fresh air in a well lit woods.  I’m afraid of most bugs and even I can enjoy the outdoors.  The bugs don’t bother me as much due to the fact that they’re in their own environment and not where I bathe or sleep.  I do dislike how some people can’t experience the outdoors due to how many allergies they have.  Though my mom has a lot of plant related allergies, she still tries her best to go and interact with nature in her own backyard almost everyday.  So there really is no excuse for not wanting to be outside and enjoy nature.  You either want to or you don’t.  So go out there and find time to interact with nature in your own way!

“Do or do not.  There is no try.” – Yoda