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In the 21st century, people and especially businesses have updated the way they interact and build a relationships. Face-to-face contact is no longer a requirement, but e-mail and instant messaging have now replaced what use to be the traditional process of connecting. Changing how businesses build relationships can actually present an advantage in the way they approach their clients, employees, and other businesses. Social media is a faster way for businesses to stay in touch with one another without the hassle of always having to verbally communicate. Since the economy is fast paced, business managers are constantly on the phone, out of the office, or have conflicting circumstances that make their schedule not as flexible. With the help of social media, business managers can receive company updates instantly through their e-mail, cellphone, or online blog.

Becoming connected on a social media network is the first step for any business. Clicking “Accept, Follow, Like, or Connect” automatically places a business within another business’ network. Taking the time to read profile pages in a business’ social network can come in handy when figuring out public demand and trying to understand the needs within the network. In order to maintain any type of relationship, there requires some informational research. If a business promptly stays in touch with social media connections, this proves the business is interested and wants to put forth the extra effort toward gaining the networking relationship. What is a relationship without trying to get to know the members in your networks?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Once businesses have established connections through one social media website, it is suggested to try and connect again with the same people or companies through different social websites. Also, viewing, sharing, re-posting, and commenting on a business’ information and articles through company websites, blogs, and social media on the Internet can let the connection know how much they are appreciated as a business. Social media is all about reaching out to others whether one connection personally knows the other or not. Being involved in a network businesses can trust is what makes social media vital to their growth as an industry. No one would be able to climb the success ladder without connections through people. Through social media, forming relationships between businesses is made easy. When businesses know how to “stay connected”, the hard work truly pays off.
Written by: Caitlin Lambert