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This may be a recap to some of you, but to others who have never sat down and analyzed a cinema production of an already published book, this could bring new insights.  The very first time I even heard of this book, I had begged my mom to buy it at a book fair for me when I was in the 3rd grade.  I remember it took me FOREVER to read it because I got tired of the Dursleys picking on Harry and I desperately wanted him to go to Hogwarts.  Plus in the 3rd grade I wasn’t that fast of a reader either.  At least when I reread it this time, I was quicker and I learned more than the first time I read it.  The best part was after I read the book, I watched the movie and started jotting down differences between the two.  From what I could discover, I found around 28 “noticeable” differences (there could be more I missed) between the book and the movie.  All the other details I didn’t mention about the movie/book were pretty much similar & kept in sync with the plot.  Here’s the list:

  1. In the movie, there were lots of boring/mediocre parts of Harry living with the Dursleys cut out that were mentioned in the book.  They skipped right to the funny scene at the zoo.
  2. In the book, Harry was moved to a different room in order to stop the owls from bringing his letter.  The movie left this out.
  3. The book talks about Hagrid “howling” & almost waking all of Privet Drive due to how sad he was of leaving Harry with the Dursleys.  Hagrid only cries in the movie.
  4. The movie fails to mention the mysterious boy (soon to be known as Draco Malfoy) Harry runs into at the robe shop in Diagon Alley.
  5. In the book, Harry goes home to the Dursleys after getting wizard supplies & Uncle Vernon has to drive Harry to the train.  The movie shows Hagrid immediately dropping Harry off at the train after they were finished shopping.
  6. Hermione never fixed Harry’s glasses in the book like it’s shown in the film.
  7. Dumbledore isn’t portrayed as kooky as the book describes.
  8. When the kids are being sorted into their houses in the movie, it’s out of order. In the book they went in alphabetical order.
  9. I am pretty sure that the scene in the movie where Prof. McGonagall transfigures from a cat to normal in the Transfiguration class never happened in the book.
  10. There was no Wizard duel in the trophy room & they never saw a trophy with James Potter’s name on it in the book like it shows in the movie.
  11. When you see Prof. Quirrell screaming about the troll being in the dungeon (movie), in the book, he calmly tells Dumbledore about the troll.
  12. In the book, Harry & Ron had forgotten Hermione was in the bathroom when they saw the troll walk in there.  They locked the door, but then remembered about Hermione & went to save her.  It’s shown different in the movie.
  13. The book never talks about how Harry caught the snitch in his mouth. Thanks movie for explaining this! :)
  14. In the movie, there is no fight scene between Malfoy, Ron, & Neville during the first Quidditch match like described in the book.
  15. Harry spies on Snape and Quirrell talking in the Forbidden Forest (book), not in the hallway (movie).
  16. The book talks about how Harry could see his entire family when he looked in the Mirror of Erised, not just his parents (movie).
  17. In the movie there was no lead up as to how Harry, Ron, & Hermione knew about Hagrid’s dragon (Norbert) hatching.
  18. The book described Harry & Hermione sneaking Norbert up the astronomy tower to let (Ron’s brother) Charlie’s friends take the dragon to Romania, while Neville was caught by Prof. McGonagall trying to warn them that Malfoy was going to stop their plan.  The movie warped this entire scene!
  19. Neville was suppose to be in detention, not Ron like in the movie.
  20. Hagrid calls Malfoy an idiot while in the Forbidden Forest during the book, but doesn’t happen in the movie.
  21. The dialogue between Hagrid and the centaurs in the book is cut out from the film & only mentions the important conversation between Harry and Firenze about Voldemort.
  22. The book talks about Hagrid giving Harry a wooden flute for Christmas or his birthday, but in the movie that never happens so they didn’t have to use it to get past Fluffy.  Ron, Hermione, & Harry never had to make a dive for the trap door in the book.
  23. The Devil’s Snare movie scene differs from the book.  Hermione uses fire to free all of them (book), not just using sunlight to free Ron (movie).
  24. The movie cut out the scene in the book where Hermione & Harry had to choose the right 2 potions to drink from in order to move forward/backward.
  25. When they won the chess match, the book says the King threw down a crown not a sword.
  26. In the book, Quirrell ties Harry up in ropes down in the dungeon. The movie left this out.
  27. The movie gives no explanation for how Harry got out of the dungeon ALIVE. Thanks book for explaining that Dumbledore saved Harry’s life! :)
  28. At the end of the movie you only see Harry getting back on the train.  In the book the Dursleys pick Harry up and take him back to Privet Drive.

For more information and much more hidden differences between the movie/book visit this site. Overall, the movie did well, but as always the book is better.  May the Force be with You all & happy reading!