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All right. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this “tagging author game.” Actually I don’t know what to call it. I’ll probably put this in the recognition box for funsies. I was pleasantly surprised to be tagged in this, as I always am. Thanks to Random Jordan I’m passing on the love for writing. Here we go!

1. Go to the 7th or 77th page of your work in progress

2. Go to the 7th line of the page

3. Copy the next 7 sentences or paragraphs. Remember, they must be as they are typed.

4. Tag 7 authors.

If you don’t have 7 or 77 pages of your writing, like ME…then I’m just going with lines.  My fan fiction has been on hold for a while due to inspiration and I just haven’t been interested lately.  I have 5 (so called) chapters of my fan fiction, but I have some new material for chapter 6.  If you haven’t read the chapters already up (at the bottom/right hand corner of my blog), then this will make little to no sense to you. To me, it’s not the greatest fan fiction. If you don’t like My Chemical Romances new album aliases aka character names or their music in general than it’s pointless for you to read this.  Here’s the catch: the band members of MCR are NOT; I repeat: ARE NOT the central plot of the story. It’s apocalyptic setting with character names based off of the MCR Danger Days album aliases.  Okay.. enough said about that. If you want to read it, go ahead.

Here’s all I got so far of chapter 6:

Razorblade Rosa signing on…

“So what the Hell are we going to do?” Ember demanded fiercely.  He was always agitated for some reason.  Killing was what he loved and nothing made him happier.  Everyone was worn out and tired from hearing and asking themselves the same question, but getting yet again an unknown answer.  Vanity walked over next to Ember and asked softly, “Why do you always want to put your life on the line so bad?”  He looked back into her eyes, while scanning the rest of the Killjoys. “It’s either us or them Vanity.  Someone has got to step up, so it might as well be me.”  Phantom looked at me.  I knew in his eyes he was agreeing with Ember’s statement.  I glanced around the living room to see if I could read the rest of my friend’s reactions.  Frustrated with my findings, I said, “Is this what everyone wants?  Do you all want to face the danger that could be there outside our front door?  I’m down for blunt combat and all, but I was making sure we’re all on the same page.”  Nova was the first to speak up. “Well if we don’t do something, we’re just going to be cowardly squatters.”  “All we have to ask ourselves is ‘What would the original Killjoys do?’” Neco chimed in calmly.  Phantom and I both looked down at the jackets we’re wearing and thought about our decision.  “As followers of the original Killjoys, we should fight what’s out there in honor of them.”


For these authors I’m going to tag in this post, it’s not mandatory for you to participate, but it’s kind of fun. So don’t think that you’re obligated to do this.  Think of it as Lamberta believing in you & your writing abilities. :D Okay?

So like I said: it’s not mandatory & if you don’t have 77, 7, or anything from a work in progress; just post a new idea for a poem, or anything really. It’s the thought that counts.  I picked these writers due to their ability to produce consistent content, so I don’t think they’ll have a problem. :) Plus, I enjoy their blogs. So go forth and produce the word! Let the Force be with You Always in your writing inspiration.