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I know I’ve talked about my hands hurting too much to type much of anything, but after I go to sleep I’ll try to post something new up. I swear. It’s just hard to type while in pain.  I feel like I’ve been M.I.A lately with the blog due to how much I work & sleep. Plus, this past weekend was a get-away from home & visit Jacksonville. It worked out for the best. :)

So… just realize that Lamberta is doing the best she can to get stuff posted & comment/read the other great bloggers of this community.  My words are probably not making much sense, or at least to me they don’t.  Thank you for the comments & Likes. Much appreciated. I am alive, but just out to lunch momentarily. If you’re into praying, then pray to whatever higher power you like that the pain will be less and less.

Thank you so much.  I appreciate everyone who reads Verba Mea Vita. Let the Force be with You All.