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Every star that remains in the sky
They can’t all fall down, but they do in my mind
Walked over the edge each one tumbles
Reminds me of talented people that tend to stumble

Is it all possible what I’m saying now?
Why does every other person throw their mind in a trashcan barrel?
We lost our destination in a parental command gone wrong
Explaining the mistakes would take too long

Each of us got thrown without a life-jacket in the ocean waves
It was the decision of most to drown than struggle to be saved
Have we given up too much hope that we’re mindless inside?
I guess our generation would rather be dead than pretend to be alive

Always trying to please someone; I believe we’re giving into the madness
Take over the ways of the world that was somewhat generous
Pain stricken is our heart as we glance at what man has created
This corruption becomes normal and an understatement

Building fences and fighting for our own worthless cause
Our purpose was forgotten among all the humans lost
Now I see no more stars left to glisten
Contaminated we are, no one cares to listen

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem #228

p.s: For the longest time I was stuck on the subject of how society was going down the drain. In the first 10 years of the new millennium, gas was going up and the economy was gradually crashing. I was & still am frustrated with the way humans behaved and conduct themselves in the world. So…just a heads up that there will probably more poems with this same theme. :) Happy reading!