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Walking through another land
Don’t know if it exists in my head
Trying to look and seem okay
People see through me anyway
Can’t we all just be blind?
Not care what’s going through our mind
What’s the use? It’s another usual day
Talk to me like you always do
Tell me all the problems you’ve been through
The process never ends; it keeps going on and on again
Like the ocean will never fade
We’ve trashed our home, the world we’ve made
Could it just be another day?
Without everybody caring what we say
The worrying never stops
Keeps going on and on again ’til we drop
Face to the ground, half of society stands
We do nothing in spite of everyone else
As I walk through the same distant land
Now I know it exists in my head
I keep going on and on again
Trying to forget it and losing strength
Maybe it’s something that never leaves

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem: #225