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Laying against a solid brick wall
Trying to stay alive and breathe above water
I can feel my lungs getting smaller and weaker
I can’t help but notice that the light seems more darker

People don’t realize what’s happening to me
I’m dying from the lies and jealous democracy
Is this what everybody wanted to become?
To live among these people means to keep watching misery

While walking to my house, people beat me down
Told me I would die if I ever made a sound
Blood running down my face, arms, and body
I was scared to run away, so I stood there strongly
They let me flee, but I didn’t go far
Kept loosing breath and strength in my heart

I was falling over again and again
I had a feeling this would be my end
Calling out to anyone who would walk by
Sadly in this life, not everyone survives

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem #226