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You know what it’s like:

To miss that someone
Only dream it might be true
In a state of constant weakness
Knowing it’s just hours ’til mission accomplished

To do the hard things
Give a sacrifice to Father Time
Remembering a day you lit up my face
The unlucky magic luck taking over

To continually think “if only I had you”
Realizing you’ve said all you could for now
Words have ran their course
Now action needs a turn

To hope you’ll never have to go
Denial in over-drive
Assuming life is standing still
I won’t cry ’til you’re out of sight

            – – – – – –
Can’t think of life without you in it
On my thoughts as a blanket’s warmth
Resting my heart on the chance you’ll keep me
Each moment is worth saving on to
You know what it’s like to be in love?
Written by: Caitlin Lambert