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I long for your hand to caress my face
Soft lips to touch mine so tender
Your voice drifts me soundly off to sleep
To leave your presence I can’t surrender

If only’s of us constantly crowd my dreams
Everywhere I turn, I see reminders of things
Each kiss like a thousand years in mind’s eye it may
I long for the feeling of you to never go away

Feeling safe as you squeeze my hand
You search through my soul; a picture’s infinite end
I long for your smile to shine through me
The beautiful self of your image is what I see

I long for you like the sky that is never ending
The color doesn’t fade and is always true
It ceases to fall; stays ascending

A word to express how you feel
My heart beats faster; only my love to steal
Your name a song verse inside my head
I truly long for you; the thoughts of you not dead

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem #220

Photographer/Artist: Caras lonut