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When I click “Follow” on someone’s blog, I do my best to actually read & comment on their posts the best I can. I know everyone has a life and is busy, but while I was going through my reading list, I noticed something.  I guess I just don’t understand why some people only update their blog a few times in between 2-5 months. When I noticed this, I asked myself, “Would someone REALLY want to follow me if I only updated my blog a few times every few months?” Of course my answer is “No. Why should they?” Following a blog means actually reading it. If there is no available content, then why follow to not read it?

Now I know there are some circumstances to where people cannot update their blogs on a regular basis. I even know a blogger who is or use to be homeless and he even somehow had the courtesy to tell his readers he was going to be M.I.A with writing on the blog and that he would return when he could. I admire that, but dropping out of the sky just makes me think as a reader that you don’t care about me following the blog. That’s all there is to it. I love all the people I follow and if a blogger doesn’t care about their own blog than why should the followers care to keep reading? Well…needless to say I cleared a few people out of my reading list.

I guess I just wanted to ask the question of what does it mean to you to follow someone’s blog?

Let the Force Be with You All & your followers!