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p.s: Lamberta’s in the middle of the picture. :p

During this past weekend, a friend of mine (Spring Heart) and I went to a My Little Pony Meet-Up in Conway, Arkansas. I had never known about there being a MLP group in Arkansas until I went to this meeting.  Since Spring Heart had already introduced me to the show and let me watch all the episodes, I thought it would be a good idea to meet some real Bronies.  I know not everyone understands the idea of being a Brony, but it’s really nothing to be judged for. Bronies and Pegasisters are just what the fans of MLP are called. Just like KISS has the Kiss Army, Skillet has Panheads, My Chemical Romance has the Killjoys, ICP has the Juggalos/Juggalettes, & My Little Pony has their special fan base category name.

Being a fan of MLP doesn’t make you weird or classified as homosexual; it’s just a T.V show. Men are allowed to like MLP just as much as girls enjoy it.  Even though the show’s targeted audience is women, it does not mean that men cannot connect with the concept of MLP: Friendship is Magic. I just hate that the majority of the mainstream public thinks that if you or especially a man likes MLP, than you’re just strange and abnormal. When I tried explaining to a few people that I was going to the meet-up, they just looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Uh huh… that’s weird.”  People are so strict in their gender roles that they can’t see why men would want to watch a female directed show, but it’s always perfectly all right for women to like a male directed show. Typical society… This ties in with the same idea of thinking that men shouldn’t play with Barbies, but they can play with a macho G.I Joe (a manly version of Barbie).

Bottom line is: MLP fans exist everywhere, even in Arkansas. The world needs to get over the fact that men can like feminine stuff. Women already like masculine stuff, so what’s the problem with men enjoying something that is targeted at women? This has been a conflicting question debated over and over again. So please understand that gender roles shouldn’t apply to little things like T.V shows.

If you’re from Arkansas, or just want to find some real Bronies/Pegasisters in the southern region of the United States, than check them out on FB or search for the group: Arkansas Bronies. We’re sort of planning another meet up soon. Either you can follow the page, or Prance Poetica (Lamberta) can keep you posted.

Let the Force Be with all the ponies in Equestria.