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Sinking slower, falling faster
The petals remind me of pain once after
My heart tells me I’m not the same
Lost dreams of the crashing rain

Remembering all the time well spent
Wondering if that’s the way it went
Staring at the floor, but I’m loosing space
Now my world becomes the best place

I walk around singing to be okay
The lamp is what keeps me awake
A fantasy portrayed as real
I seem so cold. Am I warm enough to feel?

Lay me to where I hear no screams
Life contains lonely, sentimental things
I can’t let go or hold on without the guilt
My own hurt and pain means so little

I speak to myself and look at everyone
Am I antisocial or choose to be alone?
Is a bad person to know just you?
It’s worth the pain to speak the truth

Every time I love it makes them cry
Would I make it better to quit life?
I want to be in the sky and look toward the ground
To have no worries and sing my own sound

The back-way isn’t missing, but hiding in my heart
I had to find myself before I fell apart
No one could save me, but me
As I walked away, I set us both free

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem #217

Walking Away From Everything by vampire-zombie