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Flaming down from Heaven
Am I worth to be picked back up?
I could live a thousand lives
It never will amount to what I said
Tears are running, hot, and meant to cry

All of my worries will come back
Strive to hit me in the face
Could I put emotions in a jar and throw them away?
Holding on to nothing, maybe it’ll stay
Push me off for that is my fate

Looking over at the way I am
God, give me a sign to make it end
Am I lost, forgotten, and nothing?
To only die with not a soul mourning
In black I stand to not pretend

The blood I placed is mine alone
No more smiles; a face of stone
Reading it over again
Divided on a thought that can’t mend
I don’t feel like me, but more like a clone

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem #216

p.s: My best friend in high school (Katie.L) said this poem described her own thoughts at the time.

Artist/Photographer: Jessica Keohane