I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately again due to the pain of hard labor at the chicken processing plant. The job may seem easy, but if performed at a rigorous pace for hours at a time; it wears the body down. Plus it makes it hard to go to sleep much anymore.

I’m still not really comfortable with my mom and her new boyfriend living together. They’ve probably only known each other for about a couple of months. I’ve never really understood why adult dating (25 years and up) is allowed to move so much faster than young people dating. I just feel awkward half the time due to the fact that I’m dealing with a man I barely know living in my house and sleeping with my mother. Funny fact is I was once told that cohabitation before marriage was wrong.  Well, look at what’s going on now? I don’t understand and I just don’t want my mom hurt.

Next week I’ll be quitting my job and moving back to college for my last year of school. Hooray! It’ll be only one more year of pain, stress, and heavy studying to deal with. Sadly I have to pay loans for next few years of my life. Aren’t we all in debt to someone? I’ll be happy to see my boyfriend “Jacksonville.” On the 13th of this month will be four months we’ve been together. I’m glad to have someone in my life that cares about me as much as he does.

My commenting and posting has been a little off, but it’s all because I haven’t been feeling that great and my terrible sleep schedule. Hope every blogger out there is doing the best they can to live this journey called “Life” and that you all are doing the best you can. I always never really know if anyone is thinking or worrying about me. For the record: just so you guys/girls know, I do wonder how you all are doing and I even tell people about interesting blog posts I read. I view the blogging world as a huge friend community who support one another. Even though I have times where I don’t comment/post as much as I should, I still support all my followers and recognize others the best that I can. It’ll all be okay. :)

Let the Force Be with You All.