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Weren’t you the one that broke me in half?
Told me I was done, not worth it now
Look at yourself. Can you not bleed?
The words of this life are crushing me

Could it be a prediction made so
Trying to hold on, though somehow I’m letting go
Blindly look this way; treat me just the same
Try to take what never came

A plaintive state I lie
Must be someone else who cries
Can I never know what happens to me?
Struck again for their guilty plea

Make my day; I’d trade it all away
What was here had no place
Wait for the time to pass on by
I knew how to fall, but couldn’t learn to fly

Bound by an invisible plauge
Forgot who I am, so I must be left
To only live on not knowing myself
My heart in a box set on a shelf

The blood flows, but the wound never heals
I’ve been this way for all these years
They tracked down what assumed to be me
Now the innocent takes the pain and screams

Written by: Caitlin Lambert

poem #215