Nominated by Nicholas Gagnier (6/4/12)

Nominated by Nicholas Gagnier (6/4/12)

Nominated by Stephanie Kutner

Nominated by Stephanie Kutner & Nicholas Gagnier (6/30/12)

–Nominated by Nicholas Gagnier (6/30/12)
-Nominated by Tebogo Ndlovu (7/5/12)

Recognized by RandomJordan


-Nominated by Red (8/2/12)   -Nominated by Maxima (8/21/12)


Nominated by Mike (2/22/13)

2 thoughts on “Recognition”

  1. Hello! I have become a big fan of your site–I really enjoy your posts. And I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award–2013. Please click here for more info: Thanks!–Mike

    • Thank you! :D I’m so glad you’re a fan of Verba Mea Vita. I feel like I don’t post enough most of the time, but I am glad you enjoy them when their dished out. I feel honored to receive this award. It’s really made my week due to the fact I’ve been recovering from another bad illness. :/ It happens. I want to purchase your book someday. It seems really interesting. Again, thank you for the award & I will be spreading the love as soon as I am well.

      May the Force be with you in all of your endeavors.


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