Chapter 1

Razorblade Rosa signing on…

The door creaks open and the light shines in.  All the Killjoys were tied together, since we were going to die together all the same.  As the light stream grew, now all of us could see who was in our way out of this place.  A mountain of curse words spewed from each Killjoy as Korse entered the sunken, dull chamber.  The only ones who seemed to not be worried were Dominyk and Phantom.  They were use to being in tighter situations than this.  Before this whole “wrangle and tangle” operation, I had just texted my sister Vanity Luminess to get her and the reinforcements in this god forsaken hell hole on the double.  Looking up at Korse, all I was thinking was “Please Vanity…hurry!”

Dominyk, me (Razor), and Neco were tied on one side of the bench, while Phantom and Ember were secured on the opposite side. The bench we sat on was kicked over by Korse abruptly as he ranted, “So…which one of you feels like they’re ready for the afterlife?” As the weight of the bench tipped toward my side, our faces were smashed into the cold tile floor as the weight of our friends bared down upon us.  Korse walks over and points a gun right at Phantom’s forehead.  “Who the hell do you think you are?!”  Right before the trigger is pulled; Phantom spits a wad of saliva in the burly man’s face and thrusts his foot right in his chest, as he falls backward.  The gun went off and grazed the cheek of Phantom as the bullet finished its journey right into the back wall.  Making eye contact with Korse, Phantom leans up and says, “I’M A F**KING KILLJOY AND WE’RE HERE TO KICK YOUR ASS!”  I, Dominyk, and Neco couldn’t really say anything under the power of gravity, but in our hearts, we supported Phantom’s words.

Out of anyone’s knowledge, Neco had gnawed through the rope that was holding us three confined to our respected side of the bench.  All that was keeping us face planted to the floor was the strapped bodies of Phantom and Ember.  Korse got up with his gun at the ready and pointing the barrel this time at Ember.  Neco and me counted to three, jumped backwards and sent Phantom and Ember still attached to the bench flying toward Korse.  Surprisingly, Dominyk was alert of our plan.   Both Killjoys jumped out of their gnawed bondages in mid-air and landed on the ground with Ember swinging the bench toward the burly sized giant and Phantom ready to fight.  The rest of us turned around and watched the action, but kept an eye on the apprentice who was about to draw his own weapon of choice.  There were bullet holes in the top of the bench, but the wood connected with Korse’s head in due time.  My phone finally vibrated with a message from Vanity Luminess, which read: “We’re here.”

Suddenly rapid footsteps were coming from both sides of the hallway.  Through the walls no one could tell if it was friend or foe, until the door busted open from the outside in.  Plowing down the room of steel, #1313 in a blaze of glory was Vanity.  Her white blonde hair contained multi-colored coontails streaking the sides, along with tinted purple underneath.  She stood in a black laced white tank-top under a black jean jacket which complimented the ripped jean skirt, and purple plaid leggings with dark knee high combat boots.  When she turned toward me I could see the black painted strip across her eyes as it made her red lipstick stand out amongst her face.  Vanity pointed the gun at the apprentice and yelled, “You touch my sister and I’ll blow your face off!”  She contrasted her tone to a calmer one.  “So… Razor are you happy to see me?”  We both smiled as we ran towards each other.  In a grand, but smug embrace I whispered, “So where’s the reinforcements?”  “What reinforcements? You said come get you and here I am.”  She smiled again, glanced around and waved at everyone.  Then she smacked Korse in the head again and he was out cold for another few hours.  “Man, everyone sure is tense.  From where I’m standing, you didn’t need to…” Right as Vanity was about to finish her sentence, the sirens started going off in the BL/ind Corporation building.  “INTRUDER! PRISON HALL 2ND FLOOR! ALL PERSONEL HEAD TOWARD 2ND FLOOR TO DETAIN UNIDENTIFIED HUMANS! INTRUDER! PRISON HALL 2ND FLOOR…!”  The same sequence of sentences kept repeating over and over.

By the first round of sirens were over with, I said, “Let’s get out of here and look alive sunshine!  Vanity, lead the way out of here.”  Everyone followed behind my sister, but Dominyk stayed behind for a few minutes.  He grabbed the gun from the minion, shot him point blank in the face and then caught up to the rest of the Killjoys.  Soon as we left #1313, the lab coats were on the move.  In a storage area five doors east of our cell, the Killjoys were young and loaded with guns, ammo, and lasers.  Running amidst the light of the exit-way, I could see the desert sand blasting toward the dark, solemn hallway in the BL/ind facility.  I was thinking “Freedom!”, but was soon mistaken when we all noticed there was no getaway vehicle.  “Vanity! Where’s the Trans-Am?!” we all demanded in separate, but equally frustrated voices.  Ember, Phantom, and I were trying to hold them off with our semi-automatics, as I saw Dominyk, Neco, and Vanity climb down a man hole about three feet from the building we were trying desperately to get out of.  They were waiting for us.

Once us remaining Killjoys got out of BL/ind, Phantom sealed the door shut with a pair of laser scissors, pulled on my arm and shouted toward Ember, “To the hole and don’t look back!”  I jumped in first and landed in the arms of Dominyk and Phantom followed behind me, but landed next to Neco.  Ember was taking his sweet time walking to the man hole and about a foot from the entrance, an explosion of steel and titanium could be heard for miles in the desert.  He climbed down the hole, as Neco turned the latch counter-clockwise shut.  On the surface, the smoke cleared from the break out of coats, but these people don’t know how to quit searching.  Any minute now our profiles would be posted on the grid to be hunted down in the zones.


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