Chapter 3

Razorblade Rosa signing on…

By the time we couldn’t see Ember nor Vanity any longer, the remaining four Killjoys followed single file down the concrete hallway.  Up above every two feet were round, flat lights screwed into the ceiling, so everyone had awareness for their surroundings.  While walking, I could feel the eyes of Dominyk upon me as I walked forward in the darkness.  I looked about the same every day: beat up straight-leg jeans with a rainbow studded belt, traditional all-black Chucks and red laces, my favorite band t-shirt, and Party Poison’s famous jacket.  Yeah, he gave it to me for good luck before we busted in and got the grid.  Dominyk sped up to walk beside me and from the side view he admired my medium length dark auburn hair with bright red slanted bangs.  He always loved the way I spiked it up in the back with the red tips showing off.  I looked across to stare at him when he wasn’t looking.  Soon enough, we locked on each other and there he saw the red paint streaking across my forest green eyes.  I was the paranoid one in the group who always clung tightly to my pair of pistols, which were strapped to each thigh.  Again, Dominyk looked over at me.

No one really noticed where my sister and Ember went to when we reached a diverge in the tunnel, but me, Dominyk, Phantom, and Neco stuck together and kept walking straight.  Left or right just didn’t seem like an option at the time. Minutes past and I started to worry about the two missing Killjoys.  I whipped out a phone and texted Vanity: “Where are you?”  She quickly replied, “At the safe house. You?”  Before I could send her a response all of us heard a harsh hissing sound in the dark, as if a couple of cats were fighting over scraps of food.  “Ok.  Whatever that was, it doesn’t sound good for any of us.”  Neco said, turned around and sniffed the air.  She was the best tracker we had.  The group waited for the verdict and our stomachs sank and the pulse in our hearts quickened as she said, “Sh*t.  Draculoids are only three feet behind us. Let’s move.”  I texted Vanity exactly what Neco said.  First thing I hear from my sister is, “First man-hole exit you find, TAKE IT! We’ll find you from there.”  I gave everyone the spill on how we were going to fly by the seat of our pants and we were off.

Even though we was only feet away from our 2nd arch enemy, none of us cared about how much noise we made running for our lives down that murky underground pathway.  The distant footsteps of our assailant were coming up close and everyone kept looking up for a sign of hope, but there was none.  Pacing down a one way journey toward darkness, Phantom looks up mumbling “Come on… come on… There’s got to be another way out of here besides waiting on an exit to appear.”  Dominyk turns toward Phantom and says, “Yeah. There is. We’re gonna shoot our way out of here.  First we got to get rid of them.”  He pointed toward the opposite end of the tunnel.  Both guys nodded and ran head first into the darkness with bullets flying, while Neco was ready to cut into a Drac.  My only thoughts were, “I guess I’m the only back up we got right now.”  Now I had my pistols at the ready.  From where I stood, there was clawing, scratching, screaming, reloading of guns, slashing of knives and finally the dropping of dead bodies.  Without notice, Phantom aimed at the ceiling at let a round of bullets fly.  The sunshine shone through while Phantom smiled at me saying, “Why do f**king Dracs have to be so messy to kill?! Look? I got their muck all over me!”  I smiled back and saluted him with my gun.  Dominyk and Neco were already up above us on land by the time I got to see Phantom’s handy work up close.  “Impatient are we?”  I said as Phantom helped me climb out of what now was an underground catacomb for Draculoids.  “You have no idea.” he replied, but I noticed another set of eyes on me.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I was always watchful of who was observing me.  Paranoia became useful here in the zones and I wasn‘t going to let up anytime soon.

The most walking us Killjoys had to do was march a few five miles in the blaze of summertime until we all found this godforsaken so called “safe house.”  This place was either disguised correctly or we all had the wrong address.  Windows were busted, the building looked deserted, but nonetheless, I reluctantly waltzed in.  A spark of surprise leaked down over everyone’s faces.  The cracked windows were real, but clear plexiglas was placed over it to keep in the cool air blasting through the air conditioner hooked to an outside generator.  I scanned the room and while Vanity was crashed on the couch with Ember, there were two other girls’ playing cards at retro steel/aluminum table.  Being pretty nonchalant and reasonably quiet, Neco crashed on the other couch.  There was a room in the back for Dominyk and me to sleep in.  As my eyes slowly shut I could hear Phantom trying to convince the new girls to engage in some sort of sexual encounter.  I giggled and hoped for good dreams.


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