Chapter 4

Razorblade Rosa signing on…

Walking in the living room was interesting the next morning.  All I saw was a girl with long black hair straddling and grinding on Phantom in an intense, sensual kissing stance, while Neco was leaning over the couch with five or more bottles of alcohol at her end.  Another of the girls was nestled in Neco’s arms.  The only seemingly innocent Killjoys were Ember and Vanity who were still fast asleep and were oblivious to their surroundings.  I had definitely missed out on a great party.  I couldn’t wait to cock block Phantom’s soon to be sexual interaction.  “Rise and shine Killjoys!”  Right as I had spoken, the mystery girl casually hopped off of Phantom, pulled down her shirt, and in a nonchalant manner put on her skull covered panties.  She apparently didn’t care that anyone had watched her make her mark and make Phantom’s night a successful one.  Phantom was blushing as he tried to get his pants out of the lap-dance position around the ankles.  He soon was lighting a cigarette to calm himself down from the orgasm her and him both shared.  “Guess I didn’t cock block him after all.” I thought to myself.  Fortunately I couldn’t help but watch him struggle and giggle a little bit.  Everyone else did the same.  Classic.  After all the awkwardness settled in and disappeared, us Killjoys were ready for another day of adventure.

Even though I had slept next to Dominyk the entire night, I felt so alone. At the same time I was slightly jealous of the position the girl was in with Phantom.  The rest of everyone else was completely hung over and not in any position to move on to the rest of our mission.  I felt like it was a good time to get to know some of the new Killjoys.

As everyone was sitting around and curious at whom presented Phantom the one night stand, she decided to explain her and her friend’s situation.  Her name was Nova Methacaine and her friend was Regina Requiem.  They both resided on the outskirts of Battery City, while Nova made money selling drugs to both the hopeless humans and the Dracs that would drag them all to Hell.  “We needed a place to live and protection, but they needed their drugs.  Supplying to the Dracs and BL/ind kept me and Regina alive longer than most humans in our surrounding area.  Who knew drugs could save our life?” said Nova to the rest of the group.  Her black hair was delicately parted, but anyone could see the beautiful cross necklace she wore that dangled around her cleavage.  The green paint stripped across her deep brown eyes as she sat there in fishnet stockings covered by a black jean mini-skirt and a white button-up shirt.  I admired her shoes of choice: lime green converses.  My mind started to wonder and then realized how Nova was still able to be clothed, but have her fun.  She should try it with me sometime.

Regina held Neco’s hand as she spoke, “Nova was all I had when everyone around me started going crazy.  People from BL/ind busted in my home asking what side my family was on and demanded us to take ‘thought adjustment’ therapy as a precaution.  After we sent them away, then the Draculoids were trying to take all of us into their cult.  I shot most of the ones that attacked us in our sleep, but there was a point where I couldn’t kill them all and I had to abandon our zone.  It’s hard knowing that you’ve killed your family, sold away your alliance and pretty much your soul to stay alive, but the world’s lost all the good that use to contain it.”  Tears streamed down her face, which slightly smeared the blue streak of paint across her natural blue eyes.  She had tribal tattoos up and down each arm as she wore a black jean vest over an army green tank top.  Regina’s dark brown hair went to the base of her ears, but gently swooped over her face and made her eyes almost invisible.  She also wore lose pants and a pair of skater DC’s.  In the next moment, Neco held Regina and they kissed in such a passionate manner.  The love I had was nothing like that.

I had wanted a change for a long time.  I didn’t know how to go about it.  I secretly still loved Phantom.  He didn’t know, how could I tell him how I feel without feeling awkward?  Now, since I had caught him already moving on to someone else, I don’t know how I can tell him now.  I just know I can’t be with Dominyk.  It’s not worth feeling unloved anymore.  I want him.  I caught myself starting at Phantom now.    His shoulder length dark hair was styled in the same fashion as Regina, but rougher and jaggedly cut.  He always had on the tattered looking jacket formerly worn by Jet Star, while having a red splattered black shirt underneath.  His jeans were torn and had on a pair of dark brown Chucks.  Phantom had his gun placed in the back of his pants, but now still caressed his cigarette between his fingers.  All I wanted to tell Dominyk and Phantom is that “we need to talk,” but who knows how that would go down?  Sometimes love is just as it sounds: a Killjoy.


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