Chapter 5

Razorblade Rosa signing on…

“What do I got to lose, but my best friend?” I thought as I took Dominyk by the hand and told him that I didn’t love him anymore.  Yes, after a year and a half of loving him, I did not feel the same way he felt about me anymore.  He cried and asked questions, while I stood there with not many answers.  All I could tell him is that I was sorry.  Whether he believed me or not, I was sorry.  “You really live up to your name. You sliced my heart with a razor-blade and now I don’t know how I’ll quit bleeding.  Well I’m leaving and I’ll survive on my own out of here in the zones.  If I die, at least I know I died loving you Rosa.” Dominyk said as he stared past me straining not to cry.  He walked out of the backroom without saying a word to anyone else.  Everyone was staring at me, especially Phantom.

Dominyk opened the front door and started walking toward the desert horizon. He only took two steps away from the house.  As the door was swinging closed, Dominyk was thrown against it by a hail of bullets protruding through his body.  There was a loud bang and everyone was silent as Dominyk’s body slid down the front of the door to the ground.  All of us dropped to the floor in panic of being shot, or terrified of the possibility of being surrounded by the enemy.  He never saw his death coming, nor did I.  Everyone was too scared to get up.  Only Phantom and I were standing after the firing had stopped, while the others remained down.  Phantom moved slowly toward the window on the right side of the door and peeked out the side of the curtain.  His assumption was correct.  Dominyk was dead.  While still peering through the stale smelling drapes, Phantom saw a group of Draculoids drag Dominyk’s body away from the safe house and disappear into the distance.  “Where would those monsters take him and what would they do to him?”  These are the only two questions I kept asking myself after Phantom told me what he saw through the broken glass. I stared at my friends hugging the floor for dear life and then up at Phantom who had a mortified expression on his face. My body would not allow me to move one inch and tears started streaming down my face.  Phantom came over and held me as I laid my head on his shoulder. He whispered in my ear, “It’s going to be okay Rosa.  There’s nothing you could have done.  We’re here for you.”  All the faces of the Killjoys were blurred through the salt water streaming from my eyes as I finally got the chance to sit down at the rickety card table closest to the door.

Both Phantom and I sat down facing each other, while everyone else decided it was safe to move back into the living room and decide on a plan of action.  Neco was the first to speak up as she said, “Razor, What the hell just happened?  Vanity, I thought you said this safe house wasn’t noticeable on the BL/ind grid?”  With Neco’s questions came answers.  “Dominyk just got killed by BL/ind personnel and carried off by Dracs.”  Vanity chimed in saying, “I never said this house wasn’t ON the BL/ind grid.  I just prayed they wouldn’t find out about this house due to the fact I didn’t know we were going to stay here this long.”  In frustration, Neco looked at me and said, “It’s only been two days. How could they fi–” “Because it doesn’t take them long to sniff out the run-aways.  Us.  I told you our profiles would be posted as high priority in the zones once BL/ind found out we got a copy of their grid.” Vanity told Neco in a stern tone as they made fierce eye contact. “We don’t even know if we’re surrounded or not.  Our only options are to wait, or find out.” Ember was always good at stating the obvious and yet again he gets a gold star for being “Caption Obvious.”  Nova and Regina didn’t really have much to say about what was going on since they had only stayed in the safe house for a day, but was mostly paranoid about possibly being captured.

After the intense conversation, all Neco could do was sit on the tattered couch next to Regina and play nervously with one of the curls in her shoulder-length brown hair.  There were always a few curls that would hang in front of her face.  She was in deep thought and there was no stopping her.  Neco was usually in a zombie themed t-shirt and a pair of cut off jeans.  She wore black and white striped arm warmers and had on purple Chucks, which matched the paint streaked across her eyes.  When anyone looked in her direction, they couldn’t help but admire her wolf-themed contacts.  She claimed the wolf was her spirit animal, or maybe was just obsessed with it.

No one really knew her past, but I had a hunch.  I was just patiently waiting to see if my assumptions were right.  I didn’t want to be right.  People would get hurt if I was.  I can’t tell anyone about my thoughts, or what I’ve seen, but I hope I never find out.


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