Chapter 6

Razorblade Rosa signing on…

“So what the Hell are we going to do?” Ember demanded fiercely.  He was always agitated for some reason.  Killing was what he loved and nothing made him happier.  Everyone was worn out and tired from hearing and asking themselves the same question, but getting yet again an unknown answer.  Vanity walked over next to Ember and asked softly, “Why do you always want to put your life on the line so bad?”  He looked back into her eyes, while scanning the rest of the Killjoys. “It’s either us or them Vanity.  Someone has got to step up, so it might as well be me.”  Phantom looked at me.  I knew in his eyes he was agreeing with Ember’s statement.  I glanced around the living room to see if I could read the rest of my friend’s reactions.  Frustrated with my findings, I said, “Is this what everyone wants?  Do you all want to face the danger that could be there outside our front door?  I’m down for blunt combat and all, but I was making sure we’re all on the same page.”  Nova was the first to speak up. “Well if we don’t do something, we’re just going to be cowardly squatters.”  “All we have to ask ourselves is ‘What would the original Killjoys do?’” Neco chimed in calmly.  Phantom and I both looked down at the jackets we’re wearing and thought about our decision.  “As followers of the original Killjoys, we should fight what’s out there in honor of them.”

I climbed on the chair next to the card table, stared out into the living room and felt like a general rallying the troops into battle. “Okay. If we’re going to go out there and fight we might as well do it in style. We need to still hack into the BL/ind grid, so we’re in the market for a computer. My plan is we drive out of here like a bat out of Hell, but we go down shooting as many Dracs as we can. Sound good?” As I make my way off the chair, Phantom smiles at me and says, “So where is this ‘get-away car’ Rosa?” I glance over at Vanity in desperation. “Please tell me the Trans-Am is here.” Immediately she answers my question with the answer I needed to hear. “Of course it’s here, but we need to find a gas station fast. I’m surprised they didn’t sneak in the garage yet.”  Now I have something to fear. Ember and Nova started walking toward the back of the house in order to reach the garage door entrance.

Neco was the only one that looked a little puzzled. “I thought the computer was here?” Now Vanity was in deep thinking mode. Phantom noticed everyone thinking and asked, “Did anyone even search the house for it?” Vanity and I shook our heads.  How dumb could we be? Yep, my speech of blazing with glory five minutes ago was a flop, but Ember or Nova wasn’t listening to our new plan.

When I got past the garage door, I nearly missed the Trans-Am make its get-away with Ember and Nova inside it. “Wait!” I yelled and immediately Ember rolled down the window and turned off the ignition. “What do you want Razor?” Ember said in his normal impatient, cut and dry tone of voice.  He wasn’t thrilled about me delaying his possible suicide mission. “I just need to know what your game plan is because the rest of us are going to find a computer to hack into the BL/ind gird system, take down our profiles, and see who else is out there that could help us.” After I had finished spilling out my information, Ember actually smiled at me.  “Sounds good for once. Nova and I are going to bust out of here, take down whatever may still be surrounding the safe house, get gas, and locate DJ Death’s radio tower. Right now he may be our only place of haven.”  I nodded in agreement with Ember’s statement. “Good luck Razor and look alive. We may not be.” All I could do is salute them both with my gun and wonder what my sister is going to think knowing Ember’s off gallivanting in a Trans-Am with Nova. They’ve always had a distant relationship. I looked over at Nova and said, “Make sure he doesn’t get you both killed.” This time I couldn’t help but smile since I knew my statement was true.  The ignition to the Trans-Am was back on and off like lightning.

Everyone heard the revved engine echoing through the house and flocked to where I was standing. Vanity was first on the scene. “Where is the Trans-Am? Did Ember take off without us? Ahhhh! That crazy bastard has a death wish doesn’t he?!” It took me a while to come up with answers due to I was too busy watching her rant. Once Vanity noticed I was kind of off in my own land of observation she held my shoulders and aggressively demanded an explanation for why the Trans-Am and her precious Ember decided to take a permanent vacation.  “Ember is giving us time to hack into BL/ind in order to take down our profiles. Nova went with him so he wouldn’t end up dead. He’s doing something drastic, but it may be the best chance we have if he finds Dr. Death Defying’s radio tower.” Vanity’s jaw was slowly dropping as Neco and Regina just walked in on the last few words of my sentence. “That place still exists?” Neco said in disbelief. “I’ve heard different. I think it’s out there.” Regina argued back. I settled the dispute in saying, “Sure. It may be out there, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Death or Show Pony are even still running the tower.” My friends nodded their heads with grim looks on their faces. They had a feeling searching for that tower was a suicidal mission. “Does Ember really know what he’s doing?” Vanity asked. I stood there and held my sister saying the only words of encouragement I knew at the moment. “He’s survived so far, so he must know what he’s doing or at least cares about his life somewhat.” As we hugged and took one look at the red and yellow sunset, we then decided to go inside to see if Phantom had located a computer.

“You have got to be f*cking kidding me?! There’s no way an Internet hook-up is located here. Ughhh! God damn it.” These were the words we walked in on as Phantom was on his back with a flashlight underneath the kitchen sink.”

6 thoughts on “Chapter 6”

  1. Read it all. I like it. Apocalyptic landscapes are always fun canvases. It kind of reminded me of Tank Girl. You read the comics or seen the film?

    Have to admit, I’m a little confused about who or what the Dracs are, and what’s behind BL/ind, but the basket of characters you’ve created are fun.

    Any ideas what you’re going to do with it when finished?

    • Dracs, or Draculoids are just vampires that can survive during the sunlight, aka. “day walkers.” I’ve already posted ideas for new chapters, but I have no idea if I’ll ever be done. I haven’t come to stopping point yet, so I say just keep writing til I think there is a reason to end. :)’re suppose to be confused about BL/ind. It’s a brainwashing facility. Basically the Killjoys are caught between a civil war between the Dracs & BL/ind trying to take over the world as they try to survive. I’m glad you like it. Makes me happy. :)

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Tank Girl at all.

      • Tank Girl is very cool. The comics were a favourite of an ex of mine years ago, and they did a fairly good job on the movie as well. Try and see it, i think you’ll like it. Strains of your work in it.

        OK, third-party (the Killjoys) caught between a civil war makes sense. Might want to set that up a bit better in the Intro, though. How did the Dracs come about?

        Hey, if you’re enjoying writing it just keep writing it. See where it goes. Developing and playing with characters never hurt anyone!

      • well, the intro is suppose to confuse the reader because it leaves a lot of questions for everyone. even me. haha. :) It’s the beauty of the fanfiction. There really isn’t a lot of explanation in the album of MCR’s “Danger Days.”

      • Point Taken :) Write on!


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