Listen Up Readers…

Verba Mea Vita means “My life is words, or the words of my life” in Latin.  In a sense this is ultimately true.  As a writer, I think, eat, sleep, and breathe words.  Without words and writing, where would our culture be?

Me, “The Poet,” is fascinated by music, poetry, short stories and anything randomly ready to read.  I see this as a place to put my work out there to the world and for others to see the freestyle of topic writing.  Usually, I just write how I feel, or pick a something to discuss that is meaningful.  It’s how I roll.  Structure kind of kills the flow of anything for me.  Even though I started out as an English major in college, I have slowly grown to dislike extremely formal writing more and more.  Hence, why some of my topics seem a bit “helter-skelter.”  So, if you’re looking for themes and structure, keep blog hopping.

Yes, I am in college graduate aspiring to make myself a better person, writer, and someday I want to be the social media manager for a company, write/edit articles for any magazine, newspaper, etc., or help a publishing company, business, or organization more profitable through my writing.  This is the only way I think I can somehow “help humanity.”

Dear Lamberta,

In a world that gives us rules/regulations & red tape to not cross, let us do our best to give the audience a destination beyond the “normal” realm of writing and be who we are: nonconforming realists.  We’ll give our message in a style fit for the unfocused, but entertaining enough to where everyone from all socioeconomic statuses could enjoy what is being written.  Our writing topics will have no boundaries, while still informing everyone and enlightening them in some sort of way.  The article does not have to be lengthy in order to do it’s job, so we won’t load our content with hot air and present the words as the are.  Let’s influence the world through the written word.

“Sticks and stones have crushed many bones, but words started the wars of history.”


The Poet

May the Force be with you.

17 thoughts on “Listen Up Readers…”

  1. i love poetry too, how are you liking the hunger games?

    • the first book is pretty good. I just got done reading it today. It’s quite intense & a nice love story mixed in the middle. It’s worth reading.

  2. Thank you for stopping over and the comment. I too love words and I wish you well in your pursues! Keep writing and I will keep reading. ;)

  3. Gonna see me often here!

  4. fivereflections said:

    Hello Lamberta very nice to meet you

    David in Maine USA

  5. I love your style.Thank you for share your thoughts
    share with us

  6. Glad to see your passion and enthusiasm. Good journey.

  7. I like the last quote.


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