Published Articles

I have plenty of published work available.  Here are some of my examples of the type of writing I have done in the past.

All editorials or large writing portions about University of the Ozarks on the College Prowler website is written by me.

Also, I have several articles that are published between September 2011-November 2011 on the CCG & Associates Consulting, LLC WordPress blog, CCG & Associates Consulting, LLC Storeboard account, and also posted to several other website accounts of the same company.

Some of the articles include:
Business Fundamentals Learned Late in the Game
The Art of Funding a Business
Client Retention: An Importance to Business
and a few other articles as well all about business, social media, and business consulting.

From mid-January 2012-April 2012, I have created articles incorporating pictures, and also informative articles about Sara Hart’s services through the iHARTphotography Tumblr blog.  More than 80% of the articles I wrote on this blog had pictures due to the nature of Tumblr and by request of my intern boss.  Before working on developing, writing, and promoting this blog, there was about 30 or less followers.  After the three months I gained 25 more followers.  A lot of my articles are quite short, but they contain the information most people would rather skim than take the time to read. When I discussed what types of services that were offered in different yoga & photography packages, the articles tended to be longer.  I tried not to bog people down with writing and make the blog as entertaining and interesting as possible

Some of the informative articles include:
iHARTyoga Photo Project (informative article about her service with photography & yoga)
iHART Upcoming Event (March)
Discover iHART in a new place (promoting
iHART Enlightenment (this was a series of articles in order to inform readers other aspects of iHARTphotography)
Yoga=Benefits (informative article on the benefits of practicing yoga)
One Glance is All it Takes & Posed Self Reflection are two poems written by me and inspired by my intern boss’ photography.

During August 2012-May 2013, I wrote news articles for the University of the Ozarks main newsletter called, Campus Communiqué. If was happening on or around campus, it found its way into the publication.  I did a lot of interviewing of people on campus in order to reach the news.

First poem ever published: 3 Minutes in Heaven (Concrete Meat Sheet Issue 14, 2013)

I have a wide variety topics that I have written about and I love learning how to write about topics I’ve never been exposed to.  I try to keep my writing as entertaining and fun as possible.

3 thoughts on “Published Articles”

  1. YOU. ARE. MAKING. MOVES. love it!

  2. fivereflections said:

    dreams do come true….


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